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*** NOTE - Only for Cameras ***

Dew-Not system for time lapse photography and any condition where dew ( condensation ) is probable. Used and endorsed by Emmy award winning cinematographer/photographer Kent Harvey. http://www.kentharveyfilms.com/

The system consists of a portable 12 volt power supply. These are sold at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and many automotive stores, typically used for jump starting a dead battery. Make sure it has provision for plugging in a cigarette lighter.

You will need a Dew Not DNC02 controller and a heater sized for the circumference of your lense. If you do not know your circumference it is diameter, at the largest section and multiply by 3.14. Or you can wrap your lense with a piece of string and measure string with a ruler, tape measure, etc.


All prices quoted are F.O.B. New Franklin, Ohio   Terms are UPON RECEIPT unless previously agreed

Product Description P/N Cost
Dual Channel Controller DNC02 $134.80
For 7 inch (178mm) lenses CAM7 $26.50
For 8 inch (203mm) lenses CAM8 $27.50
For 9 inch (229mm) lenses CAM9 $28.05
For 10 inch (254mm) lenses CAM10 $28.90
For 11 inch (279mm) lenses CAM11 $29.95
For 12 inch (305mm) lenses CAM12 $30.50
For 13 inch (330mm) lenses CAM13 $31.05
For 14 inch (356mm) lenses CAM14 $32.45
For 15 inch (381mm) lenses CAM15 $34.05

These sizes cover Canon 24mm to 200mm and Nikon 20mm to 200mm.

These sizes are heater length. Finished length will be slightly larger. A 1/2 inch gap or overlap will make no difference in operation.

If you don't see a size for your lense Email me at info@dew-not.com with your required size and I will Email you a quote.

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