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Dear John

This last weekend I used some Dew-Not heaters for the first time. It was meant to be a trial with one for the objective lens on my finderscope and one on my 2" eyepiece. In extremely dewy conditions both were absolutely clear - I'm delighted. Current drain seemed to be quite low. I'm never going without them again!

Congratulations on a fine product.


Dear John,

In recent years I have used your heater straps on a Denk II, N8GPS, N11GPS and a C14 and have been very happy with their purchase!

Now I'd like to buy another three of them, for a Celestron C6, a Tak FS-60C, a Tak FSQ106ED and a Meade 16" LX200R ...

Many thanks in advance for your help and clear skies!

Joerg K.


I have several Dew-Not Dew heaters and am delighted with them. ... Thank you.

John S.

Hey John.

I've had a chance to use the heaters down to about -15F, and they seem to (be) working well.


Jared W.

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